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You have come to the right place if you want your music to sound as big as possible. No matter if it's blues, funk, jazz, soul, any style related to big bands... Lucas Toledo is the music producer you're looking for. The composer to finish or arrange your songs, or even compose something in these styles.


About the samples in the player below, a large part was composed by me. While in the rest, I have just made great arrangements for the big bands, or even recorded some keyboards and add guitar arrangements. Black music is one of my favorite styles, like neo-soul, but also latin rock or latin jazz, and the most contemporary jazz fusion... and not to forget gospel, the one I grew up with and still feel connected to "spiritually". Of course, all with a "funky" touch in it.


Listen to some examples and if you are in doubt, do not hesitate to let me know. All recorded, mixed and mastered by me.

In order to listen to everything as best as possible, never forget your headphones or good speakers.

ATTENTION! No using the bult-in speakers of your cell phone.

Estudio de grabación mezcla y mastering Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Funk, Big Bands y Charanga

Do not forget to follow me on Spotify to be up to date with all more compositions in different styles that I'll be uploading.

Videoclips of bands of Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Funk and Big Bands

Los Zagales del Gállego

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Master your songs online

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