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Rap beats, instrumentals and sound kits for Hip Hop and Trap

Download free beats and instrumentals for your Hip Hop, Trap, or any rap genre by the music composer and producer Lucas Toledo. Download them for free and practice before paying for them.

At the moment I am starting to add a few beats, which will gradually increase. There will be entire productions, stems or trackouts, or loops, which come in handy if you're a Hip Hop producer, so you can beat and shape it to your liking.

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Put music to your lyrics or remix it

Are you a singer-songwriter or lyricist and you need to dress your lyrics with music? Are you looking for a music producer to get the best out of you or your record even from the recording? It does not matter if it's Pop, EDM, Rock, Metal, Folk, Orchestral... I've had the pleasure of working in all kinds of styles. YOU NAME IT!

My Remix Services or Music Production Services may include: adding drums and percussion, bass, guitars, synthesizers, pianos, virtual orchestras, choirs... We will work around existing voices (or audio recordings) and develop good progressions of chords as well, we will design arrangements and structure, I will mix it with the voices if necessary, and then you will have the song or master back, ready to be released.

Here, some example of production in some songs, moving from a previous style to a new and different one. Or even taking the first version of the band/artist and making it shine as it deserves in its own style.

REMIX from Indie to Dubstep
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