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Studio Services

I offer a variety of online Studio Services to help you get your song or album sounding the way you want it to!



Nena Perales Festival de Música Nena Perales Festival 



Nena Perales Festival de Música Nena Perales Festival 

Music Production service

With this, Lucas Toledo will remix or produce your track entirely, based on your composition or lead vocals. Virtual drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, strings, whatever the song asks for or needs, will be added.

For orchestral or film music please contact me first.


This is a great offer for someone like a singer-songwriter who needs someone else to add the rest of the instruments.



Remix service

If you're looking for someone who adds FX, foley, or anything to your picture/movie. This is for you.

Some FX can be added to you vocals tracks to match the situation. We do any kind of work related to advertising and movies, from music for commercials, management and recording voiceovers to movie soundtracks.



Online Mixing service


This is an online mixing service. You send me your song tracks and I mix your song or songs!


Please contact me with any further questions!




Re-amping service

This is an online re-amping service. First, we talk about the tone you want to go for, then we go from there.

I take your DI Files (up to 6 per 5-minute song) and re-amp them using my collection of high-end tube amps.You are given .Wav files of high-quality
guitar tracks that drop right into your project.



Online Mastering service

This is an online mastering service, just a straight mastering job on your already-mixed tunes.

I do a test master, we talk about it, I master the rest of the tunes. ​





Orchestration Service

If you have a composition and want to make it sound bigger and real, this is the best package for you, then. Orchestral stuff (and even human performances if needed) will be used for the task.


Just send me your score and let the chore be done.


Of course, this could be the other way around. Maybe you have your soundtrack finished and now you need the staves for musicians.



Need some other services???

Just keep reading...

Want to add an amazing SOLO to your song? NO WORRIES!!!

If you want to add a solo to your song, maybe in the intro, perhaps just before the last chorus, and you just don't have any means to do it, count on us to beef it up. We will be pleased with being in charge of that task.


Tell us about your style, the instrument you want there; it could be an electric guitar, a sweet sax, anything... indeed, my advice won't be lacking. Just let my team get the job done.


Besides, the more solos you get, the less expensive each one is.


From 19€/SOLO

VOCALS production!!! Add vocal harmonies, or even a CHOIR!!!

The time has come, the project is done. But something is missing... your voice sounds a little lonely... Send us your track and you will be amazed what we can do on your voice, in your whole track. 


From 59€/SONG

You need your OLD TAPES into another format?

Sometimes we have some old tapes kept in some box, safe, maybe in the basement or a shed. All of a sudden, we remember we have them and we want to listen to them again, but we don't have those players anymore. Send them to us and my team will make that come true.


From 39€/TAPE

Are you looking for other services not listed on here? 
Just let me know, dude!!!


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