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Servicio de Producción Musical y/o Remix

We can attend all kind of service related to music production. Albums, Podcasting, Radio Mixes or any other kind of music request. We also offer personalized advice, Live Studio sessions and feedback of any of your tracks.


The Secret of a great track

A well-mixed track, which is pleasant for the ear, always starts with good music. The right arrangement is essential for a good track. A track can be perfectly mixed – however, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a perfect record. I’ve learned that less is more. Music needs to be easily accessible. If you want to stand out in this market, the steps below are very important:


Make sure your arrangement is easy to understand. Have your family and friends listen to your music, watch their response and collect their feedback.


Have you ever heard of 3d mixing? It’s about the musical world behind your speakers. Good placement of sounds improves the overall perception of your music.


Which elements need to stand out? Which sounds or specific details need to be heard by your audience? Give these elements some extra attention.


Having your music mixed on a professional level is the final step to success. Your music will be of the highest quality and you, as an artist, have more time to focus on what really matters.



✓ Remix/Production starts at 299€
✓ 2 mix revisions included
✓ 15 business days turnaround, or 5-day Rush Service​



✓ Our work is copyright free. No strings attached
✓ Your music is kept 100% confidential
✓ Simple 3-steps process: order, upload, get your finished master




With this package we produce a new arrangement for your song. We always start from your original material, wether that's an existing arrangement (that's what we call Remix) or just vocals or even a voice memo from your iPhone (that's what we call Production). In both cases we play all the required instruments to complete the production then we mix and master it into a ready-to-release Wav file.

We can also perform Vocal Editing & Autotune to your vocals. Just select the appropriate option when placing your order. If you want to sing again on the new arrangement all you need to do is add an instrumental Additional Mix and when you send us back the definitive vocals we'll mix them into the new arrangement at no additional cost.




  • Place the order on our website, selecting all the options you wish to have on it

  • For Production please prepare your vocals or your audio notes and put them in a folder, or

  • For Remix please put your original mix into a folder, then remove all compressors, EQs and whatever plugin you used for mixing purposes and export your session as individual audio files. Here are our video tutorials on how to how correctly on: LogicAbleton LiveCubase and Reaper. Then please put the files in the same folder.

  • Compress the folder into a .zip file, log into your Doctor Mix account and upload it

  • Within 10-15 business days (5 business days as Rush Service) you'll receive the first Audition file

  • If you want changes to the sound log into your account and send us a List Of Tweaks. You get 1 arrangement revision and 2 mix revisions included in the price.

  • Please notice that this package is for normal length songs of about 3 to 6 minutes




  • With Lucas Toledo your music is always kept 100% confidential. We will never disclose your material to any third parties

  • We will not hold any copyright on the material we deliver to you. In other words, you can do whatever you want with your arrangement, no strings attached.

  • You're not required to credit us for our work

  • If you do want to credit us (which we always appreciate!) then we ask you to write: "Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Lucas Toledo" or "Remixed and Mastered by Lucas Toledo"


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