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Mixing & Mastering Service

The Best Mix for Your Music

Having your music mixed on a professional level is the final step to success. Your music will be of the highest quality and you, as an artist, have more time to focus on what really matters.

Online Mixing And Mastering Service

Mixing with Lucas Toledo includes Mastering service too. After you have recorded your tracks we can help you achieve the sound you’re looking for. Lucas works closely with each artist to get the best possible sound for your song or full album. Experience is one of the most overlooked elements in mixing. When building a mix, Lucas Toledo brings years of experience combined with detailed acoustics and specialized equipment that allow the vision of each artist to come to life. If you're looking to have your mix polished by a professional ear, or want him to mix your project from the beginning, we can help give your music the sound you want.


Why Choose Lucas Toledo?

  • Experienced Mixing Engineer

  • Excellent Acoustics and Equipment

  • Great Customer Service

  • Competitive Rates

  • Fast Project Turnaround

  • Easy Online Project Management

  • Direct Engineer Communication

  • Professional Results

  • Dedicated mixing studio

  • Friendly service and frequent communication

  • Vocal editing 

  • Alternate versions

  • All possible alternate mixes:

  • Main Mix

  • Radio Edit (Clean Version)

  • A Capella Version

  • Instrumental Mix

  • Performance Mix



Experience Mixing Engineer

Mixing has become my passion. It even became my addiction from the moment I came into contact with sound and its effects. The change that takes place when using the right plugins has always fascinated me. As a direct effect of my broad experience, I know how to make every tone sound as it should, and always according to the client’s expectations.


You will find that my rates are very competitive for the depth of work that I do, the results I achieve, and the expertise and specialization I have to offer.  You can be sure that I will always go the extra mile to meet your expectations and being a perfectionist by nature I will never compromise on quality.


With over fifteen years of experience and an extraordinary track report spanning practically every kind of music, I am your go-to guy for your mixing requirements. 


As a musician myself, I realize exactly how tedious and frustrating it can be, to devote hours upon hours to recording your projects and still not get the desired results in terms of sound quality. That's over now. Allow me to master your 'babies' and I will treat them as if they were my own, giving them the time and attention needed to get the best results possible.


I work with musicians on a daily basis, so I know exactly how tedious and frustrating it can be, to devote hours upon hours to recording your projects and still not get the desired results in terms of sound quality. That's over now.

Allow me to mix your 'babies' and I will treat them as if they were my own, giving them the time and attention needed to get the best results possible.

hear more samples and genres

- Competitive and easy flat-rate pricing

My mixing rates are based on a flat fee, which includes everything you need to get a professional sound. 

No hourly rates. No hidden fees. No extra charges. It's ALL included.


- Expertise and passion

My skills combine the necessary technical knowledge, the right tools and an insatiable passion for sound. 

With years of experience, a degree in audio engineering and an impressive track record spanning almost every genre of music, I am your go-to-guy for your mixing and mastering needs. 


- 2 free rounds of revisions are already included in my mixing rate.

It's your music and your vision. If I don't strike your taste right off the bat, I will keep tweaking and tuning your song until it sounds the way you imagined it to be. Remember, I'm here to fulfill YOUR musical vision, not to pamper my ego, so rest assured that you'll be able to make any changes you would like to your song. 

Additional rounds of revisions are $25/each. 


- Fast turnaround

I understand deadlines. And I respect your time!

I'm not going to promise to get your project done by a specific date if I know I'm already fully booked. That's unprofessional and just not my style.

I'm pretty quick, though. My average turnaround time for a mix is 5-7 workdays.


- Vocal editing

If required, I will gladly correct the pitch and tighten up the timing of your lead and backing vocals. Autotune, Melodyne, Vocalign - you name it!

Get that supertight radio-ready vocal sound.

​​​ ​​


Place your order and upload your song.

Once you have sent me all the audio files for the song, I will first check that everything opens up correctly and look through the material for any obvious mistakes or missing files.


If everything looks good, I will start working on your song while keeping you updated on the progress.

You'll receive your fully mixed song within 5-7 business days. Mixes are generally done on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that I'm always busy so if you need a faster turnaround time you will need to order a rush job for an additional fee.


If you have questions or would like to

discuss a project, feel free to contact me

Additional revisions are $25/each.

You own 100% of my work.



(worth 49€)

All mixes I deliver to you will always be pre-mastered. 
My music mixes run through a mastering chain of high-end outboard gear and plug-ins as I mix. You can say I master at the same time I mix.

I have discovered this approach to be enormously advantageous, 

as I'm able to make fine adjustments in the mix to offset or compensate for any adverse effects brought on by raising the mixes to commercially competitive levels; such as lost transients, excessive reverb and delay, dulling of overall sonic curve, relative balances, etc.


Are you thinking about hiring a

very cheap mix engineer

to mix your music? Think twice!


Here's why!



We consider mixing not to be only about the techniques and technology, but rather about professionally deploying those aspects and skills to serve the artistic content itself. Our passion is to make your music sound as good as ever possible, in any genre.


I'm Lucas Toledo and I'm a freelance music producer and mixing engineer

My goal is to make your music sound fantastic!



Due to the music market being highly competitive it’s important to bring high-quality music to the market. High-quality music stands out and is worth the investment. You make sure that:





✓ Mixing & Mastering begins at 179€ for up to 24 channels

✓ 2 revisions included in the price
✓ 7 business days turnaround, or 2-day Rush Service


✓ Our work is copyright free. No strings attached
✓ Your music is kept 100% confidential
✓ Simple 3-steps process: order, upload, get your finished master
✓ We're Apple Certified MFiT Providers



Audio mixing means combining multiple channels (bass, drums, vocals, guitars, keyboards etc.) into a stereo file. Professional mixing that meets the quality standards of major record labels requires deep knowledge of techniques, vast experience, great musical taste, as well as expensive equipment and acoustically treated rooms. From our Central London studios, the Doctor Mix team delivers world-class mixes to artists and labels worldwide since 2006. We have the knowledge, the gear and the passion necessary to make your music sound great.


How To Get Your Tracks Ready for Mixing

Before giving us your mixing project it’s necessary to assure the individual tracks are perfectly ready. We receive up to 24 tracks per song, (For larger projects please contact us).


Recommended steps to take before sending a song for mixing service

  • Remove any processing such as equalization and/or compression for each track. (If a special/custom effect is being used to create a specific effected sound for a track, this can be left on the track)

  • Label each track-file a single word name. (Example: Kick, Snare, Bass, Guitar, Vocal etc…) This can be done before or after exporting (bouncing) each track.

  • Export each track from the beginning of the song so that all tracks start from the same position and are the exact same length.

  • Our preferred exported file-format is a 24 bit .WAV or .AIF. (Do not apply any dithering)

  • After all the tracks are exported, add them to a folder, label the folder as the song name, and then compress the folder into a .ZIP or .RAR file.

  • Upload the compressed .ZIP or .RAR folder to your Sage Audio online account. (If you don’t have an account yet, please feel free to create an account.



The most important part when mixing your track is to fulfill your expectations. Therefore we use feedback sessions, to make sure your expectations become reality. Your input and feedback are crucial in shaping the final sound of a mix and I work closely with each artist throughout the entire process. After receiving your raw tracks and discussing the requirements for your song, I will create a mix for your specific vision. (If there are any missing tracks, or we have any recommendations that will help produce a better final mix we'll let you know). Next, the tracks and added processing are improved, balanced, and blended to produce a finished mix. Finally, the mix is mastered to generate a concluded song that meets your vision.


Meet & discuss your wishes
  • First export your mix leaving all plugins on and save it in a folder on your computer

  • Remove all compressors, EQs and whatever plugin you used for mixing purposes and export your session as individual audio files. Here are our video tutorials on how to how correctly on: LogicAbleton LiveCubase and Reaper.

  • Remember to make sure the channels don't clip. If necessary pull the faders down.

  • Export your files and put them in the folder.

  • Count the files in your folder place your order for the appropriate Mixing & Mastering package (e.g. 22 files = Mix & Mastering 24 package, 35 files = Mix & Mastering 48 package).

  • Compress the folder into a .zip file, log into your Doctor Mix account and upload the .zip file

  • Within 7-10 business days (2 business days as Rush Service) you'll receive your mastered file

  • Feedback moment

  • If you want changes to the sound, send us a List Of Tweaks. 2 revisions are always included.

  • Transfer music





  • High quality mix

  • 2 feedback sessions included

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