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EDM Mastering Service

Electronic Dance Music Mastering

So you've been working on your tracks for days, you're happy with how your songs sound but there is still room for improvement? It's time to get those puppies mastered!


With over eight years of experience, a degree in audio engineering and an impressive track record spanning almost every genre of dance music, Philip Dust is your go-to-guy for your mastering needs. 


Allow me to master your 'babies' and I will treat them as if they were my own, giving them the time and attention needed to get the best results possible.


Common mixing mistakes I tackle during mastering

- Sub-Bass (anything below 100 Hz) covering up the kick and midrange detail


- Either too little bass or too much bass due to use of small range speakers and   mixing in a room that has not been properly treated to help tighten up impulse   response and attenuate room modes


Edgy, fatiguing and harsh sound in the 2kHz - 6kHz area


- Either not enough compression or extensive overuse of compression

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