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Mastering Service



We can attend all kind of service related to music production. Albums, Podcasting, Radio Mixes or any other kind of music request. We also offer personalized advice, Live Studio sessions and feedback of any of your tracks.


Looking to get a custom made beat done? Crank Lucas has your production needs!

1.Fill out form below.

2.Receive follow-up email to confirm your request.

3.Deposit a 50% down payment to get started.

4.Work will begin on your beat. We will be corresponding with you back and forth and provide snippets.

5.Once satisfied you pay remaining 50% balance and you will receive untagged beat.


Looking for a feature from Crank Lucas? Or perhaps you need songwriting services. We got you covered. Both services start at $150. Please use the form below to inquire about your specific needs.


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